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Swede wins Unibet Arabian Nights jackpot!

EuroGrand Player From Sweden Wins 37 Million SEK Jackpot!

Yesterday, on 20.12.2013 a 26 year old man from Stockholm won over 37 million SEK, equal to 4,1 million EUR, in Euro Grand's casino game Arabian Nights. The newly fledged millionaire put in the lowest possible stake, 50 SEK, in order to hit the jackpot.

Thursday afternoon at 15:29 the jackpot in the casino game Arabian Nights was hit, and a 26 year old man from Stockholm was able to cash in 37,335,618 SEK. It is the second largest prize that Euro Grand Sweden has ever given out, and the third largest in the history of Euro Grand worldwide.

"I was so surprised, it's hard to understand. You hear and read about others who win but think that it will never happen to me. And then this happened. It felt like I would have a heart attack," said the 26 year old man from Stockholm.

The casino player who has chosen to remain anonymous takes over the third place in Euro Grand's millionaire club including a Dutch who previously won 46 million SEK on the Mega Fortune.

"It feels incredibly fun to hand out such a large Christmas present with only a few days left until Christmas Eve. It was clearly a very excited and happy winner I spoke to. He said that it will take time to digest the win and still had not quite got over the shock," said Jonas Nilsson, press officer at Euro Grand Sweden.

The money will include a holiday with family and friends and a new apartment.

"I'm going to take it easy, invest some money and not waste it. It´s hard to decide now right away, I have not really had time to digest it yet. But it will probably be some vacation, then share with loved ones. Then I'll probably buy an apartment too," the new multimillionaire continued.

Try Euro Grand Arabian Nights casino game now! Who knows, mybe you are the next EURO Millionaire!

Mega Fortune
Unibet player wins €3.9 million jackpot!

Euro Grand player wins €3.9 million jackpot!

A lucky player from Sweden has won a massive €3.9 million for a €1 bet!

The jackpot was won on the popular video slot MegaFortune.

All of us at Euro Grand would like to pass on our congratulations.

There are lots of big jackpots like this one waiting to be won including Arabian Nights which is currently at more than €3.5 million.

You could be the next big millionaire winner! Play in Euro Grand now!

You can read the interview with Mega Fortune Jackpot Winner below.

What appealed to you most about Mega Fortune?

That it's a very glamorous, luxurious and varied game - you feel as if you were in "Las Vegas" at least for a while - the gold wheels, champagne bottles, Rolls-Royces... It gives you value for money! As a player I want to feel the excitement and have the opportunities to win jackpots, free spins etc.

Did you ever imagine that you could win this multi-million Jackpot?

The thought had occurred to me, you never know... My grandmother used to say "Persevere and never fear!" - this time it was my turn to have luck to win and I'm so HAPPY about it.

The jackpot bonus round lasted for about 1 minute before you reached the jackpot prize. What was going through your head at the time?

To be honest I don't exactly remember but I do remember that I thought that it would be nice to reach the MAJOR jackpot. Then it suddenly happened, the wheel stopped at the arrow that leads into the MEGA jackpot. Wow, at first I didn't believe it was true and then I shouted out of HAPPINESS!!!

How did it feel to realize that you won the jackpot?

One word is enough: WONDERFUL!

Have you ever had a win like this before?

No, but now that it happened, I can imagine how other people feel when they have been there too.

Did you share the news with your loved ones? What was their reaction?

Yes, of course, I shared it with my close and loved ones. They were very, very happy for me and have congratulated me several times.

What do you intend doing with your winnings?

Share it with my loved ones. We all have dreams we want to fulfil and now we have the possibility to do so.

How did you hear about Euro Grand?

To be honest it was pure chance. I was looking on internet for a place to play online. When I found your website I first started to look what kind of games you offered, read carefully about your rules, security etc. and as I liked it very much I started to play... And now I'm the lucky winner!

What do you like most about Euro Grand?

It gives you the freedom to play when you feel like it. Furthermore you offer a lot of games, have different kinds of jackpots, introduce new games all the time, give free spins, arrange different tournaments, offer excitement etc. - A VERY GOOD & VIBRANT CASINO!

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