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Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots in online slot machines are the same as the traditional slot machine except when it comes to the payout. These slot machines have a jackpot in addition to the regular payouts. Every time a player uses the machine the Progressive jackpot increases until someone wins. There are no partial payouts on the progressive jackpot. Progressive jackpots are harder to win, on a progressive slot there will be a regular line for regular play as well. On the progressive line you may have to get either 3 complete symbols if the machine is a 3 window or 5 complete symbols if the machine is a 5 window.

Each time a player plays the machine the amount of the jackpot will increase in an amount in which the house determines. Some people believe that you have to play with the maximum amount of credits in order to win but one credit of play can also win you the jackpot. There are Progressive slots on regular machines as well as video poker machines. But like the other slot machines these machines are also set with a sequence of winning combinations so what many people try to do is gather a lot of people to take turns playing until the jackpot is won and then they split the winnings.

Most casinos have more than one progressive slot; some casinos offer a row or section of these progressive slots. You can increase your chances of winning by switching machines when someone has played there. You just never know when the winning sequence is going to show up. Keep your eyes on the prize but don't spend all of your money trying to win these machines. That is how people become addicted, they keep putting more and more in and when they lose what they have they find more money from credit cards and debit cards all in the name of winning the big progressive slot.

Play smart and know when to walk away.

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